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Join for this replay of our Virtual Event which spotlighted the importance of data communities in business and transparency in enterprise data software.

This presentation—now available to everyone—was originally scheduled for this month’s Gartner Data & Analytics conference.

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Opening keynote

With the global pandemic impacting nearly everything in our daily lives, data and data access has never been more important.

How can organizations foster data-driven decisions in this time? 

Ryan Cush

Brett Hurt

CEO & Co-founder

Panel: How to build data communities for sustainable growth

Data democratization is never done. It’s a continuous process that empowers people to use data to answer questions with clarity, accuracy, and speed. It requires a long term vision, deep user empathy, and a healthy dose of grit.

In this session, you’ll learn from silo-breaking leaders who have planned, launched, and grown thriving data communities at AP, Wunderman Thompson, and

Ryan Cush

Ken Romano

Director, Text and Multimedia Products

Associated Press

Ryan Cush

Michael Murray


Wunderman Thompson Data

Ryan Cush

Amy Niemann

VP, Client Services

Building trust and inclusion through transparency

A data culture doesn’t build itself. Learn why data inclusion is critical for business growth and how empowers everyone to participate in the data economy.

Ryan Cush

Jon Loyens

Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

How to choose a data catalog that works for you

Ever wonder why enterprise software purchases take so long, and why some companies avoid them altogether and opt to build rather than buy? Enterprise software is often difficult to understand, slow to deliver value, and includes pricing that’s more complex than the U.S. tax code.

We think it’s time for a change. That’s why we’re making our pricing totally transparent and launching a brand new free trial—both firsts in the data catalog market.

In this session, you’ll learn strategies to simplify your buying process and select the best platform to amplify your data’s value—fast. We’ll cover:

  • Which metadata and data management capabilities are catalog must-haves
  • Why you should try before you buy, understanding exactly what you’re getting
  • How to evaluate and compare pricing between data catalog vendors
  • How to get started in seconds

Best of all, attendees will receive a special link for two extra weeks of access to the enterprise trial. Register at the form below and we’ll see you there!


Ryan Cush

Jenny Ryan

Head of Product Marketing

Ryan Cush

Tim Gasper

Director of Product Management