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Trust Your AI: The Key to Reliable LLM Outputs is Robust Data Governance

In the evolving landscape of AI, ensuring the trustworthiness of your large language models (LLMs) is non-negotiable. The Gartner report, "How Does GenAI Impact D&A Governance Platform Capabilities," emphasizes that the answer to stopping AI hallucinations and raising trust in AI lies in strong data governance. Learn how you can leverage these insights to build a robust governance framework and ensure reliable AI outputs.

Our Key Takeaways from the Gartner Report:

  • Combining GenAI with other technologies like traditional AI/machine learning (ML), knowledge graphs, and active metadata management delivers a broader set of governance use cases and mitigates inherent limitations of GenAI models (e.g., inaccuracies, hallucinations).

  • GenAI capabilities in D&A governance platforms will increase the productivity and user experience of personnel involved in D&A governance, particularly nontechnical users such as data stewards.

  • Governance personnel, particularly data stewards, will need new skill sets and mindsets to train and validate GenAI outputs. Governance roles will be reconstituted, requiring a potentially smaller footprint but more high-value work. Data stewards must be upskilled for prompt engineering and AI governance as the scope extends from data to AI tools.

Ready to strengthen your governance framework?

To build trusted AI applications, integrating governance with knowledge graphs and metadata management is crucial. provides automated governance workflows and an AI context engine to ensure your AI applications are built on a foundation of trusted data.

Gartner, Quick Answer: How Does GenAI Impact D&A Governance Platform Capabilities 11 March 2024, Anurag Raj, Guido De Simoni
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