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Discover How Knowledge Graphs Enhance AI Accuracy

Did you know that LLMs powered by a knowledge graph are 4.2 times more accurate than those relying solely on SQL databases? Learn how to leverage this powerful technology to boost your AI initiatives. The Gartner report, "How to Build Knowledge Graphs That Enable AI-Driven Enterprise Applications," reveals how knowledge graphs can serve as a foundational element for AI applications, providing strategic advantages and practical insights for implementation.

Our Key Takeaways from the Gartner Report:

  • Knowledge graphs provide a robust framework for various AI applications such as semantic search/question-answering, knowledge discovery and recommendation engines.

  • Knowledge discovery is an application of a knowledge graph to discover previously unknown or hidden information.

  • Knowledge graphs deliver semantically enabled data management to power a diverse range of AI applications. 

  • Knowledge graphs also have the potential to solve many data integration challenges, which are still a significant barrier to mass AI adoption.

Ready to elevate your AI strategy?’s AI Context Engine™ is based on a knowledge graph architecture that enables teams to trust and increase adoption of generative AI by connecting business context and organizational data with the LLMs of AI-powered apps. By using LLMs backed by’s knowledge graph, apps can improve response accuracy by 4.2x and provide explainable, governed responses.

Gartner, Quick Answer: How to Build Knowledge Graphs That Enable AI-Driven Enterprise Applications 21 March 2024, Afraz Jaffri, Guido De Simoni

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