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Agent of Openness

Agent of Openness

An agent of openness is called to action There was a time when Albert Bowden could never have imagined being where he is today. In 2008, as a front-end developer focused primarily on improving his skill as a web programmer, he built things on the web but gave little...

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Try this: Frictionless data.world

Try this: Frictionless data.world

A big part of our mission at data.world is to bring down barriers to data access — and in that spirit we are big fans of what the folks at Open Knowledge International are doing with Frictionless Data. In particular, the Tabular Data Package specification defines a...

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Try This: File Hot Links

Try This: File Hot Links

As a data.world user, imagine that you want to supplement a dataset with results from an online survey. Now, if you wanted to keep your dataset up-to-date with the latest responses, what would you do? Could you upload files manually to data.world as many times as...

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COVID-19 Data

Join the fight! Analyze and collaborate on COVID-19 data.

How to Plan and Launch Your Modern Data Catalog

data.world customers have used these very tactics to successfully implement their own data catalogs.

The Associated Press

Learn how AP used data.world to double data production and reach.

How Linked Data Creates Data Cultures

Prepare for a new understanding of what’s possible. Linked Data changes everything.

Collective Data Empowerment

How to make everyone more productive with data—not just the data elite.