Data engineers: your knowledge bridge

I'm a bit of a juggler at heart. For the last twenty years, I've supported data engineers, scientists, and more in their line of work. And I've been everywhere from the smallest of startups, to massive data centers (some even hosting military data). If I’ve learned...

Throttle up your data catalog with machine learning

How do you get from northeast Maine to Southern California? By walking, over 40 days. By cycling, nearly a dozen days. By driving, over 40 hours. By plane, about 7 hours.  Working with data manually is like walking. You’ll get...

When it’s Wednesday, it’s Catalog & Cocktails

We started our data podcast, Catalog & Cocktails, as a way to stay connected and keep the discussion going about data in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our virtual happy hour over Zoom has been a hit, and we’re excited to announce that in 2021, we already have a phenomenal lineup of experts to join our podcast and share their perspectives.

Five critical data challenges your enterprise needs to solve

As a Chief Data Officer (CDO), you might be inclined to focus on the needs of your data analysts, scientists, and engineers. But the scope of the CDO office is much larger. Indeed, data impacts every aspect of your business. The largest team in your organization is...

5 Questions with Mike Ferguson

You can’t get from your home to the grocery simply by owning a car. You have to actually drive the vehicle to get to a place that delivers value. Sounds obvious right? But we don’t instinctively think this way when it comes to data. We focus so much on tools, processes, and architectures, but we don’t talk enough about actually using the data.