The Data Evolution — Part II

How the Brains and Nervous Systems of Data Ignite Corporate and Collaborative Cognition Just as I began to write this essay, eyewear startup Warby Parker effectively made the point of my last post on data’s new “Cambrian age” — The company generated $6.7 billion in...

The Data Evolution — Part I

Dawn in the Anthropocene — The Evolution of Data  We are currently witnessing the earliest days of humanity’s next chapter. Our society is evolving into a data-driven civilization, its contours just now emerging.  Understanding the significance of this point in...

data.world announces new integrations for the modern data stack

data.world is happy to announce several new integrations to increase visibility into data pipelines and assets. Customers can now seamlessly catalog and query data and metadata from Databricks, Reltio, and Salesforce, adding to our more than 100 pre-built...

5 Questions with Kirk Borne

We all want to get more value from our data, right? So should we wrangle it, prep it, classify it, mine it, or model it? Then once we’ve got our data squared away, should we do prescriptive or predictive analytics? And does that require real-time or just-in-time data? If we had a nickel for every buzzword we hear, we could afford far better podcasting equipment.

Announcing our Knowledge Graph Accelerator

data.world’s commitment to knowledge graph technology is nothing new. We believe that an enterprise data catalog must be powered by a knowledge graph. Gartner predicts that graph technologies will be leveraged in over 80% of innovations in data and analytics by 2025....

Why so blue? 5 reasons data engineers are burnt out

Data engineers are unhappy. Although that may seem like a broad, sweeping generalization, it’s true – and we have the stats to prove it. For our new white paper, Burned-out Data Engineers Are Calling for DataOps, we teamed up with DataKitchen to survey the job...

5 Questions with Denise Gosnell

This week, Juan and Tim are joined by Denise Gosnell, CDO of Datastax, to talk about the business of open source and how community-centric data applications are reshaping the enterprise.

Do you know where your sensitive data lives?

According to the World Economic Forum, the amount of data generated each day is expected to reach 463 exabytes globally by 2025. As the quantity and complexity of data increases exponentially, enterprises who collect it have a responsibility to maintain compliance...

5 Questions with Emil Eifrem

Catalog and Cocktails hosts, Juan Sequeda and Tim Gasper sat down with CEO of Neo4j, Emil Eifrem, to cover the evolution of the data landscape so far, and to speculate where it’s heading.

5 Questions with DJ Patil

The episode touched on a variety of topics including the U.S. pandemic response, using data to sow mistrust, and the ethical use of data. The following five questions are excerpted from the podcast. You can check out the entire recording here: