data ethics

5 Questions with Jans Aasman

We all strive to be data-driven. And yet we all instinctively know that we’re not very good at it. In fact, if you believe any number of recent surveys, it seems we may actually be getting worse at data. One reason for this is a misalignment on what success looks like. How do you define and measure it? What is the actual value of your data?

Web3 – but Who’s Counting?

In any long-term technology trend, there comes a point, or points, if the trend goes on long enough, where there seems to be a sort of ‘sea change’ in how the world views the technology; a change in expectations in the general population. Sometimes we even give those...

5 Questions with DJ Patil

The episode touched on a variety of topics including the U.S. pandemic response, using data to sow mistrust, and the ethical use of data. The following five questions are excerpted from the podcast. You can check out the entire recording here: