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Recap: spring summit 2022 – Open Data for the Win Track

If you missed the spring 2022 summit, have no fear. You can now watch sessions from our live, virtual, bi-annual event, where we invite industry luminaries to discuss data mesh, open data, knowledge-first, and so much more! We’ve already recapped the...

Recap: spring summit 2022 – Knowledge-First Track

In case you missed it… On Thursday, April 7, we held the spring 2022 summit, our live virtual event on data mesh, open data, knowledge-first, and so much more. Along with main-stage presentations like “Disrupting Data Governance,” from Moxy Analytics CEO...

5 Questions with Kelly Wright

In a relatively short time, we’ve gone from collecting and neglecting data to managing, enriching, and learning from data. We are in the age of collective data empowerment, where user-friendly apps and data ubiquity mean almost anyone can answer complex business questions. So why does the “data-driven” enterprise still sound like a pipe dream?