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Why You Need a Data Catalog for DataOps, According to Forrester Research

Big data has revolutionized the business world. Since the phrase “big data” first rose to prominence in the early ‘00s, numerous studies have shown that businesses focused on using data and business analytics to inform their decisions are significantly more productive...

5 Questions with Zhamak Deghani

Zhamak Dehghani is the Director of Emerging Technologies at Thoughtworks and the leading expert on data mesh. We’ll chat about the emergence of the data mesh as a concept, why the approach works for eliminating architectural silos, and how it’s producing more data-driven cultures.

5 Questions with Kelly Wright

In a relatively short time, we’ve gone from collecting and neglecting data to managing, enriching, and learning from data. We are in the age of collective data empowerment, where user-friendly apps and data ubiquity mean almost anyone can answer complex business questions. So why does the “data-driven” enterprise still sound like a pipe dream?

How to Write a Problem Statement for an Open Data Project

There are literally millions of datasets on the internet that are open and freely available to use. Whatever your focus, with so much data at your fingertips, it can be tempting to utilize these resources to improve your data processing skills, uncover new...

Top 5 Trends for Data Management in 2022

2022 is here! If the last two years are any indicator, maybe we’ll end up calling this the “decade of data,” with next gen data observability, data catalog, data integration platforms, cloud data warehouses, and more making big news and bringing in big funds. We’ve...

Anatomy of an Agile Data Governance Sprint

So you’ve persuaded your data leaders and key stakeholders that the only way to achieve a data-driven culture is by adopting an Agile Data Governance methodology. Great! You’re on your way to becoming an organization where data producers and data consumers work...

5 Questions with Lars Albertsson

We all strive to be data-driven. And yet we all instinctively know that we’re not very good at it. In fact, if you believe any number of recent surveys, it seems we may actually be getting worse at data. One reason for this is a misalignment on what success looks like. How do you define and measure it? What is the actual value of your data?

5 Questions with Cindi Howson

Self-service is great for listening to music, pumping gas, and figuring out what to binge watch on TV. But is self-service really what we want from our analytics? What happens to the business world when everyone is a data analyst?

5 Questions with Tejas Manohar

ETL (Extract Transform and Load) was the SOP for data integration for 25+ years. A decade ago the introduction of data lakes pushed transformation to the end of the process and into tools like Snowflake, BigQuery, and Redshift. Now the latest chatter in the data management industry is Reverse ETL. Shouldn’t we call this LTE?

When it’s Wednesday, it’s Catalog & Cocktails

We started our data podcast, Catalog & Cocktails, as a way to stay connected and keep the discussion going about data in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our virtual happy hour over Zoom has been a hit, and we’re excited to announce that in 2021, we already have a phenomenal lineup of experts to join our podcast and share their perspectives. community hits an impressive milestone

The community hits an impressive milestone: we have now activated over a million accounts across out enterprise and community data platforms. Clear, accurate, and trustworthy data is more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic, and our partners use to serve critical data to enable everyone to dig in and analyze.

Data context is key to understanding COVID-19 data

With so many people talking about, thinking about, and working with COVID-19 data, it’s often difficult to filter out the noise and get to what’s useful. That’s why we’re working with partners and community members to curate the highest quality data and bring it to...