Data catalogs

Announcing new Documentation Portal

Have you ever gotten stuck trying to figure out how to effectively use certain functionality in some software application? Do you remember how frustrating it was to search for guidelines and instructions required to get things done? No one can afford to stay behind,...

Three Keys for Driving Data Catalog Adoption

Data catalogs benefit everyone, but only when it becomes a core component of your data strategy. You need to be asking these three questions to drive data catalog adoption in your organization.

What is DataOps?

Imagine this: it’s time for your family’s weekend getaway after a tough week at work and school. In the midst of the fun, you get a text that a critical data pipeline broke at work, and you need to fix it immediately. Now your weekend plans are on hold as you head...

Recap: spring summit 2021

“What we need is imagination.” This was Pablos Holman's crescendoed challenge to free-thinkers and risk takers in technology. The hacker and inventor spoke to CEO Brett Hurt at spring summit 2021 about the inevitable, critical role of data in all manner of...

Data engineers: your knowledge bridge

I'm a bit of a juggler at heart. For the last twenty years, I've supported data engineers, scientists, and more in their line of work. And I've been everywhere from the smallest of startups, to massive data centers (some even hosting military data). If I’ve learned...

Throttle up your data catalog with machine learning

How do you get from northeast Maine to Southern California? By walking, over 40 days. By cycling, nearly a dozen days. By driving, over 40 hours. By plane, about 7 hours.  Working with data manually is like walking. You’ll get there in the end, but the amount of...

Five critical data challenges your enterprise needs to solve

As a Chief Data Officer (CDO), you might be inclined to focus on the needs of your data analysts, scientists, and engineers. But the scope of the CDO office is much larger. Indeed, data impacts every aspect of your business. The largest team in your organization is... community hits an impressive milestone

The community hits an impressive milestone: we have now activated over a million accounts across out enterprise and community data platforms. Clear, accurate, and trustworthy data is more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic, and our partners use to serve critical data to enable everyone to dig in and analyze.