David Tishgart

Three Keys for Driving Data Catalog Adoption

Data catalogs benefit everyone, but only when it becomes a core component of your data strategy. You need to be asking these three questions to drive data catalog adoption in your organization.

What’s new and what’s next at data.world

When you’re the lone SaaS vendor in a world of legacy data catalogs, it can at times be difficult to demonstrate innovation. Continuously rolling out updates, enhancements, and fixes via the cloud means you don’t get your time in the spotlight with a monumental...

data.world is the cloud data catalog for the new work environment

The business value of an enterprise data catalog is well understood. And in this environment, you need to take swift, decisive action to keep your data strategy on track and stay ahead of the competition. Other catalog vendors talk about the virtues of metadata...

Why Data Catalogs Are More Important Than Ever

At some point in the past 30-days, nearly every company in the U.S. went from a few primary locations to potentially tens of thousands of remote workstations. In this new work-from-home world, it’s natural to lean even more on tools like Slack, Zoom, JIRA, and Trello...